Located in the southern-central coastal region, Binh Dinh province is a key gateway to the country’s highland provinces, southern Laos and northeast Cambodia and Thailand.

The province has rich maritime and other natural resources, and huge potential for tourism. However, like many other provinces in Vietnam, Binh Dinh is facing many challenges in its economic development, said the Vietnam Investment Review (VIR).

Those challenges include underdeveloped infrastructure and an economy that remains dependent on agriculture. Because the province is located in the central coastal region, it regularly suffers from natural disasters such as typhoons.

Binh Dinh has learnt the importance of utilising all available resources to develop. As investment from the private sector in transportation infrastructure, health care, and education lags behind demand, official development assistance (ODA) from international donors is vital to the province.

In recent times, international donors have provided 281.44 million USD in ODA to 21 projects in Binh Dinh. To call for more financial support from international donors, the province has completed a list of projects needing ODA from 2015-2020.

The list comprises 32 projects with a combined investment capital of 361.82 million USD, with 334.38 million USD needing to be raised from international donors and the remainder coming from the provincial budget. All of the projects are in the fields of healthcare, education, transport infrastructure, environment, agriculture, irrigation, and water supply.

Specifically, there are two projects in the healthcare and education sectors, capitalised at 38.5 million USD, three infrastructure projects with 92.25 million USD in total, and six projects in the environment field with total capital of 41.15 million USD.

The agriculture and irrigation sectors include 14 projects with 79.82 million USD in total investment and five projects in water supply with 73.65 million USD.

Binh Dinh is doing its utmost to develop the local economy, but needs support from the central government and international donors to turn these efforts into reality.-VNA