More than 30,000 households in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh are in the grip of water shortage, while over 15,000 ha of crops are withering as a result of the ongoing drought, one of the worst for the past three decades.

In Phu Cat district, 21 out of the 22 irrigation reservoirs have run dry, forcing local farmers to drill wells or carry water from other regions to water their crops and meet daily needs, according to the district People’s Committee Vice Chairman Luong Ngoc Anh.

Phu My district is also facing the same situation with 41 out of the 44 reservoirs drying up, whilst nearly 1,000 ha of crops have died.

About 8,000 households with nearly 40,000 people are suffering from severe water shortage for their daily use, according to the district People’s Committee Vice Chairman Ha Ngoc Tan.

The provincial Party Committee has made fighting drought the most important task for the local government. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has also promised to ask the Prime Minister for an aid package of more than 100 billion VND for Binh Dinh to overcome the drought.-VNA