Two largest fishing vessels in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh with capacities of 1,200 CV and 1,400 CV were launched in Hoai Nhon district on July 13.

Each of the vehicles is 22.7 metres long and 6.7 metres wide, and able to store up to 50 tonnes of catch.

Tran Cong The, a ship owner, said using a 45 CV vessel for fishing at sea like he did in the past was not profitable, not to mention an array of imminent risks. Therefore, he decided to spend bank loans and his own savings on this new ship.

The other owner, Vo Van Khuong, said he hopes the new vessel will help him and his crew stay longer at offshore fishing grounds so as to harvest better catches and avert avoidable threats.

Following the launch, the new ships with 30 fishermen on board started to prepare for their first fishing trips from July 15.-VNA