The 4th BTV-Becamex IJD International Three-cushion Billiards Carom Tournament kicked off in the southern province of Binh Duong on July 24.

According to the organiser, 64 domestic and international players are participating in the event.

Leading Vietnamese players, such as Duong Anh Vu, Ngo Dinh Nai, Ly The Vinh, Truong Quang Hao and Ma Xuan Cuong , will complete against some of the world’s biggest names: Cho Jea Ho - the Republic of Korea’s (RoK) winner at the World Cup in Turkey in February 2014 and Kang Dong Koong – the RoK’s World Cup champion in 2013, who ranks No. 9 on the Billiard World Federation listing.

Vietnam’s Billiards referee Huynh Van Hiep said the event is a significant occasion for domestic players to prepare for the World Cup Billiards Carom 3 which will be held in Ho Chi Minh City in early August.

The event will run until July 26.-VNA