Minister of Public Security Tran Dai Quang has asked the southern province of Binh Duong to take measures to maintain social order and safety, provide a high level of assistance for businesses to resume operations, and ensure jobs for workers.

Working with the Binh Duong authorities during his May 16 tour of the province, Quang expressed his sympathy with enterprises for damage they have suffered from disturbances over the past few days.

He spoke highly of the provincial leaders’ timely instruction in dealing with the incident and their meeting with business representatives and workers to reassure them.

The minister urged Binh Duong’s authorised agencies to swiftly classify those who exercised extremist actions and begin legal proceedings against ringleaders.

The Vietnamese State will not tolerate anyone who takes advantage of support for national sovereignty protection to create disturbances and destroy assets, going against the Vietnamese nation’s peace-loving tradition and the fine friendship between Vietnamese and Chinese people, he affirmed.

Quang said that the province should increase forces to protect key areas and industrial parks while stepping up information and education campaigns for workers so that they have know how to correctly protest against China’s violations of Vietnamese sea and island sovereignty.

At the working session, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Thanh Cung said that some opportunists took advantage of workers’ parades to protest China ’s illegal placement of an oil rig in Vietnam ’s waters. He said the demonstrators were incited to destroy the assets of businesses based in the locality.

The provincial authorities applied timely and appropriate measures to stabilise the situation and arrested more than 800 suspects for investigations on charges of causing public disorder, appropriating and destroying assets and taking actions against on-duty officials.

Following legal proceedings, over 300 of them have been found guilty of criminal violations that will be strictly punished under the law.-VNA