Southern Binh Phuoc province has conducted a promotion campaign for the traditional cuisine and costumes of the local S’tieng ethnic minority people in a bid to preserve those values in the context of invasive modern culture.

The campaign has received significant attention for its genuine insight into indigenous life.

Event participants had the opportunity to learn the S’tieng technique for weaving brocades as well as the preparation of special dishes and drinks, such as bamboo-tube rice and local wine. They were able to take a closer look at how the ethnic group has long maintained its traditional way of living through generations.

Local artisan Thi Gion from Thanh An commune, Hon Quang district, shared that the construction and use of the traditional brocade has evolved over time. In the past, it was made from wild plants and used daily, but now the materials are mostly fabricated and the final products themselves have become commodities, she added.

Craftsman Thi Loi said that despite the community’s efforts, the young generation has shown a lack of interest in the traditions, necessitating campaigns like this to foster their appreciation.

According to Huynh Thanh, head of the provincial Board for Ethnic Groups, practical promotion programmes can raise awareness and encourage creativity in harmonising economic growth with traditional cultural preservation and development.

Binh Phuoc is home to 40 ethnic minority groups with half of its population identifying as S’tieng.-VNA