Binh Thuan: Cham people’s Kate festival in full swing hinh anh 1The costume carrying ritual at Po Sah Inu tower (Source: VNA)
A costume carrying ritual, the most important part of the Cham ethnic group’s Kate festival, took place at the Po Sah Inu tower in central Binh Thuan province’s Phan Thiet city on October 12.

The costume belonging to Goddess Po Sah Inu was carried from the front yard to the major tower against the backdrop of young men and women performing traditional Biyen and Marai dance movements amid the harmony of Baranung drums and Saranai clarinets. A range of rituals followed, including wearing a costume for the god statue as well as bathing a Linga-Yoni alter.

This year, folk games such as a gingerbread-making contest, kneading clay, and a blindfolded smash of earthenware pots have become a big draw for visitors engaging in the festival.

Iana Lukashevskaina, a Russian tourist, shared that is her third time visiting Binh Thuan to enjoy the event, as she is impressed with the unique traditional costumes and music.

On the occasion, local authorities have organised visits to Cham families to present gifts and greetings.

Falling on the first day of the seventh month of the Cham calendar, Kate is the most popular Cham festival in Binh Thuan. It reminds the ethnic Brahman community of their ancient gods and delivers wishes for bumper harvests and the growth of all beings.

Binh Thuan is home to 41,000 Cham residents or about 3.2 percent of the local population.

The Cham people have several distinctive festivals including the Ramuwan, the Rija Nugar, and the Chabun.-VNA