Binh Thuan province promises ideal destinations for travellers hinh anh 1A beach in Phan Thiet city of Binh Thuan (Photo: VNA)
Binh Thuan (VNA) - Located in the southernmost part of the coastal central region, Binh Thuan is gradually gaining a firm foothold in tourism, promising a regional- and world-level attraction in the near future.

The charming province is home to a 192km-long coast with various beautiful beaches, poetic landscapes, fresh environment, and warm climate. Many prestigious travel magazines have selected the locality as one of the ideal destinations in the world.

For long, the sea off the Mui Ne coast has been envisioned to become one of the leading tourist attractions in the Asia-Pacific as the local warm and windy weather has turned this place into a magnet for famous windsurfers and kitesurfers from various countries like the UK, France, Russia, and Germany. It is also a venue of international hot air balloons.

In Phan Thiet city, the Tien Thanh beach area and Duong Thuong Chanh Hill boast long white sand beaches with crystal clear water that have long been popular among travellers from far and wide. Phan Thiet also possesses the Mui Ne - Hon Rom beach with a variety of marine tourism activities like sea bathing, picnicking, fishing, sand sliding, canoeing, and seafood tasting.

While the Hon Lan - Ke Ga - Thuan Quy beach is a renowned place of interest in Ham Thuan Nam district, Tuy Phong district is famous for the Binh Thanh - Chi Cong - Vinh Tan beach with pristine beauty and a seven-colour pebble bank streching over 1km, recognised as the one with pebbles in the most diverse sizes and colours in Vietnam.

Binh Thuan province promises ideal destinations for travellers hinh anh 2Part of the Po Sah Inu Tower Complex, a national architectural - artistic relic site in Binh Thuan province (Photo: VNA)
Another impressive destination in Binh Thuan is the island district of Phu Quy, dubbed a “gem in the sea”. Located about 120km off the coast of Phan Thiet city, Phu Quy is a chain of islets in various sizes such as Tranh, Den, Trung, Do, Giua, Hai, Do Lon, and Do Nhon. Coming here, tourists enjoy sea bathing, fishing, and sea diving or visit cultural - historical relic sites and traditional fishing villages.

Aside from maritime destinations, Binh Thuan is also home to more than 70 national and provincial cultural and historical relic sites, as well as long-standing festivals and craft villages, many of which have become popular tourism products, helping affirm the uniqueness of local tourism.

They include the Po Sah Inu Tower Complex, a national architectural - artistic relic site, in Phan Thiet city and the Podam Temple and Tower Complex in Tuy Phong district. Both are relics of Cham people and date back to around the 8th - 9th century.

The local culture is also a focus of attention of a large number of visitors, especially foreign ones, that prompts them to explore the Mui Ne fishing village, seafood markets, the Kate Festival of Cham people who follow Brahmanism, and the Ramuvan Festival of those following the Bani religion./.