Endowed with pristine beauty, Binh Thuan province has worked to make tourism a economic spearhead.

Crystal clear turquoise water, sunny weather and green coconut trees along the Mui Ne beach draw tourists to this coastal province. The modern and eye-catching resorts are always ready to welcome visitors to Binh Thuan. 

Binh Thuan has also improved and diversified its tourism products and launched various tourism services catering to holidaymakers’ needs and wants. Now, visitors can enjoy pristine beaches, sand dunes and explore other agritourism products such as dragonfruit and fish sauce. These have contributed to making Binh Thuan a well-rounded, charismatic tourism destination.

The province also utilises long-standing agriculture and fisheries industries to create captivating tourism products, using agritourism to develop the province’s economy. 

The number of visitors to Binh Thuan in 2018 has increased more than 12% compared to the same period last year, earning the province more than 555 million USD in revenue, up almost 19% compared to 2017.

Foreign investors are looking for opportunities to invest in Binh Thuan’s tourism scene, hoping to boost the links between different industries, diversify tourism products and develop new tour package. The province is urged to look into developing sustainable tourism which is more environmentally friendly in a bid to win the hearts of both international and domestic visitors./.