The Biodiversity Conservation Agency (BCA), under the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) has held a training workshop on communication strategies to prevent the progress of invasive species in the country.

Speaking at the meeting, BCA Deputy Director Huynh Thi Mai said alien species, which are brought into Vietnam through import as well as natural migration, have damaged the natural environment. She cited the flourishing of the crop-destroying yellow snail as an expensive lesson of the importance in controlling imported species and preventing them from spreading.

Vietnam has gradually strived to improve its policies and legislation in the area, while raising the awareness of authorities, enterprises and the public on the danger posed by invasive species.

At the event, delegations from universities, non-governmental organisations and news agencies heard an international media expert presenting an overview of communication strategies to better spread the message and later participated in a related training course.

Vietnam, along with fellow Southeast Asian nations Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines, is taking part in a regional project on the prevention and control of invasive alien species.-VNA