The application of biogas technology in daily use has been benefiting people in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai , thus contributing to the locality’s news-style rural area building.

Truong Van Minh, a local farmer, said his family has applied the technology since 2012 and can save 400,000-500,000 VND (19-24 USD) per month.

It has also created a healthy environment for not only his family but also his neighbours, he added.

The province has so far constructed over 1,100 biogas plants, each worth 10 to 25 million VND ( 235- 1,190 USD). The plants are not only economically efficient but also environmentally friendly.

The biogas technology is one of the effective measures to create clean energy sources as well as reduce deforestation for firewood and greenhouse gas emissions. Biogas is produced from the decomposition process of animal and plant waste in the absence of oxygen.

With more than 760,000 heads of cattle and 2.3 million fowls, the province should expand the model among people, especially ethnic minorities, in an effort to solve environmental pollution and gradually drive back epidemics.-VNA