The biggest annual blood donation campaign of the year, titled “red spring festival”, was lauched in Hanoi on March 8.

Deputy Health Minister Nguyen Thi Xuyen highlighted the dedication of volunteers to encourage local engagement, contributing significantly to easing the shortage of blood for medical treatment.

She urged the expansion of relevant media coverage to raise further awareness of the issue.

Professor Dr Nguyen Minh Tri, Director of the National Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusion and Head of the festival’s management board, said the event was planned to coincide with International Women’s Day to position the occasion as an opportunity for donors to give blood as a gift to female patients.

First held in 2008, the “red spring festival” has thus far collected 33,797 units of blood and mobilised the participation of 120,000 people.

The drive has been expanded to more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide since 2010.-VNA