The Central Highlands provinces have so far built 55 new boarding schools for children from ethnic minority groups to pursue study.

The schools include five at the provincial level and 50 at the district level, and Dak Lak and Gia Lai lead others in the move with 15 schools each, according to the Steering Committee of the Central Highlands.

Ethnic minority languages are taught at these boarding schools along with other subjects. Information technology applications are used to aid both teachers and students.

In Dak Lak, for example, the boarding schools have enrolled 2,900 ethnic minority students in total, including 1,250 from the Ede minority group. Therefore, the Ede language is being taught at 13 out of the locality’s 15 boarding schools.

The ethnic affairs strategy to 2020 approved by the Prime Minister recently says the Government will spend 50 billion VND on programmes, policies and projects to enhance education for ethnic minority people.

The strategy also sets the goal of sending 95 percent of school-aged children to school while the number of students will be 300 per 10,000 people.-VNA