One year ago when there was no flood, Long Hau boat making village in Vung Lai district, Dong Thap province looked quiet.

This year, the flood season in the Mekong Delta has come earlier, so the village has become bustling. It’s only the beginning of the season but the number of boats sold to neighbouring provinces has doubled from 2016.

This boat-making firm has been working since the fifth month of the lunar calendar. So far it has sold 300 boats, raking in twice as much as usual.

The early flood season has also revived many traditional craft villages in the region. This crab trap making village in Hồng Ngự town, Dong Thap District is rushing to meet the customers’ needs.

More than 300 villagers work year round in nearly 100 households, but the busiest time is in flood season. Besides the main market of Cambodia, this year, demand from the Mekong Delta has increased 50 percent over last year.

This year, the flood season came earlier so traditional craft villages are busy. However, villagers have also made early preparations to avoid depending on the flood season, developing tourism services to lure visitors.-VNA