Instead of performing in a communal house, the typical venue, the singers perform on boats on Nguyen Phi Y Lan Lake in BacNinh city.

The boat performances are among activities aiming to preserve the traditional art form that was recognised by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2009.

The one-hour performance gathers artists and singers from the BacNinhQuan Ho Theatre and the BacNinh Provincial College of Culture and Art.

Quan ho is an art form that combines various elements, including music, lyrics and costumes, and features the distinctive culture of people in the region, formerly called KinhBac. It has different sub-genres, including hat hoi or festival singing.

In hat hoi, singers perform on a boat. That’s why the Quan ho boat performance has been a significant part of any traditional festival in BacNinh province for centuries.

Even those who do not know this art form can enjoy the performance because the singers always say something about the song they are about to perform. 

During the performance, spectators who have a passion for Quan ho can also sing with the professional singers, which makes the programme more attractive.

The BacNinh Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism has prepared carefully for the event.

 After Quan ho was recognised as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, provincial authorities have paid more attention to preserving the art form. This includes preferential treatment for Quan ho artists, open classes where artists can teach younger generations, and initiatives to collect, record and compile more than 500 Quan ho songs.-VNA