The Luc Nam river is well-known for endless alluvium that makes up the soil in Lục Nam and LụcNgan district, the two biggest fruit granarys in Bac Giang province. However, the river also has its own story that few people know about.

Recently, archeologists were shocked by tens of thousands of antiques that were fished out by Luu Van Kien a local boat repairman.

Kien does not know the exact number of antiques he has. Experts said the antiques he owns are of high value.

The province’s museum plans to support Kien to preserve the antiques, then help him set up a private museum and bring some of the outstanding antiques to the provincial museum so that local people can learn about them.

There are numerous anecdotes and relics along the Luc Ngan river that originate from the Ly and Tran dynasties. The antiques that Kien is preserving are precious parts of the homeland’s history.-VNA