The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) and Boeing has signed a Memorandum of Collaboration in support of Vietnam receiving category 1 approval by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Memorandum of Collaboration was signed in Hanoi on January 26 by representatives from the CAAV and Boeing, with Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong and US ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius also in attendance.

"Boeing is pleased to continue supporting the CAAV's goal of FAA Category 1 approval," said Ralph Boyce, President of Boeing Southeast Asia.

"This agreement continues our longstanding partnership in Vietnam and our commitment and dedication to its growing aviation industry," he added.

Under the agreement, Boeing will help the CAAV work through the Corrective Action Plan and assist in facilitating the appropriate training for CAVV personnel.

Once the FAA Category 1 status is achieved, Vietnamese-based commercial airlines can offer direct passenger and cargo service between Vietnam and the US.

US Ambassador Ted Osius told the participants that the ultimate goal of this collaboration is to help Vietnam achieve the regulatory and safety standard required for its commercial airlines to operate direct flights between Vietnam and the US.

The strong and sustained support from Boeing and the US government on this effort is another clear demonstration of their continued commitment to help Vietnam achieve its goals, he said.

The ambassador hoped that these direct flights will build yet another bridge to strengthen relations between the countries by encouraging increased tourism and business travel, which will facilitate greater people-to-people and commercial ties.-VNA