The Hanoi Stock Exchange is to install a variety of new systems in the first half of the year to facilitate the development of Vietnam 's bond market, according to leaders of the exchange.

The exchange in May will allow new types transactions on treasury bonds. They will likely launch electronic procurement, yield curve and bond index in June.

Market members have asked the Ministry of Finance, the State Bank of Vietnam and the State Securities Commission to come up with a road map for the development of the bond market through 2020 and a legal framework that would guide the issuance of treasury bills, listings and trading, as well as the introduction of new products, such as futures and sales and re-purchase agreements.

According to Deputy Minister of Finance Tran Xuan Ha, his ministry is working on such a framework and will issue a decision soon so that it will be able to guide the bond market through the year 2020.

He added that a joint circular from the State Bank of Vietnam dealing with the issuance of treasury bills and local government bonds would be issued this year.

The Ministry of Finance issued Circular 17/2012/TT-BTC on March 26, which dealt with the domestic bond market. According to the circular, one-year bonds offered up by the State Treasury will be issued on the 15th and the last day of each month. State treasury bills will be issued each Tuesday.-VNA