A book festival took place at the National Library of Vietnam on April 20 in Hanoi in response to Vietnam Book Day (April 21) and World Book and Copyright Day (April 23).

The event, with this year’s theme "Books - From the Past to the Present", has been held annually since 2006. It has been observed by libraries across the country, contributing to promoting the reading culture.

The festival told the history of book development and reforms in writing, publishing and printing.

It introduces students to interesting books, helping them develop the habit of reading.

The festival will be fascinated by a book exhibition, an exchange with book authors and painting and story-telling contests for children.

April 21 is designated as Vietnam Book Day under a Prime Minister decision.

Aimed at encouraging reading in the community, the annual event also looks to raise public awareness of books as not only a source of knowledge but also a way to develop one’s thought and personality.

The event is also a chance to appreciate the efforts of those who are involved in book publishing such as book collectors, writers, publishers and distributors.

The observance of the day will contribute to raising the responsibility of ministries, sectors and social organisations towards the building and promotion of the reading culture in Vietnam-VNA