The Russia – Vietnam Friendship Association and the Institute of Orient Studies under the Russian Academy of Sciences recently have presented a book titled “Soviet Union/ Russia – Vietnam: Cooperative Milestones”.

The book, which was written by two well-known Russian experts in Vietnamese studies, Anatoly Voronin and Evgheny Kobelev, reviews the most memorable periods in the history of the friendly cooperative relations as well as the comprehensive strategic partnership between the Soviet Union/Russia and Vietnam .

The 224-page book with numerous photos, praises the Vietnamese army and people’s brilliant feat of arms in the process of national building and defence with the assistance of many countries in the world, especially the Soviet Union and Russia .

It highlights the role and great contributions of the previous and present Soviet/Russian and Vietnamese leaders to developing and further strengthening the relations in all fields between Russia and Vietnam .

The book also pays tribute to diplomats, scholars and Russian experts, who made every effort to promote the cooperative friendship and strategic partnership between the Soviet Union/Russia and Vietnam. /.