A joint project to compile documents and memoirs of the Vietnam-Laos special relationship has helped cement the two countries’ ties more deeply, said a Party politburo member.

This was remarked by To Huy Rua, who is also Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC) and Head of the CPVCC’s Information and Education Commission, at his reception on Sept. 27 for Lao Deputy Defence Minister Sen. Lieut. General Chansamone Channhalat, who headed a delegation of officials engaging in the compilation project.

Rua stated the work will herald the CPV’s XIth Congress and the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party’s IXth Congress in early 2011.

The same day, a seminar was held to review the compilation of documents and memoirs of the Vietnam-Laos and Laos-Vietnam special relationship in the 1930-2007 period.

After three years, an anthology comprised of five volumes with 3,830 pages has been completed and a set of memoirs consisting of three volumes with 2,541 pages has been nearly accomplished.

These pieces have reflected vividly the special ties between Vietnam and Laos , and their parties, fronts, armies and people during their fights against aggressors as well as in their national building course.

The heads of the two countries’ Compilation Committees agreed that this big project was of profound political and international significance.

They expressed their hopes that once these books hit the bookshelf, they will serve not only as scientific works that highlight the friendship and solidarity between the two people but also as materials to educate young people on the Vietnam-Laos special solidarity./.