The Con Dao border guard station is assigned to protect and manage the border sea area of Con Dao, which spans 12 nautical miles and 16 islands. As an area holding a strategic position in the southeastern seas, officials and soldiers at the station hold intensive training and promote responsibility and solidarity so as to protect the national sacred seas and islands.

The border soldiers detected 35 violations last year and meted out administrative punishment totalling more than 270 million VND. They identified six people carrying 343,000 litres of diesel oil and nearly 1,800 packets of cigarette without documentation and invoices on origin, as well as two foreign ships illegally anchored in Vietnamese seas.

They also did a good job in natural disaster prevention and response.

Officials and soldiers of the Con Dao border guard station also devoted themselves to helping the locality fight COVID-19.

Over the years, officials and soldiers at the Con Dao border guard station have stood with local people, especially policy beneficiary families, those in difficult circumstances, and disadvantaged students.

Proud of the glorious tradition of border guard soldiers, they work hard to protect Vietnam’s national sovereignty over seas and ensure security in the area./.