Phieng Pan Border post is located in the commune of the same name in Mai Son district, which is known for its remote location and locals’ fogy customs, such as keeping cattle inside accommodation and bizarre burial services. Border guards have spent time persuading them to give up unsound customs.

Besides, border guards have also instructed locals to deploy agricultural business models, including growing passion fruits along hillsides. The passion fruits’ growing area has now covered 3.5 hectares, bringing locals sustainable income.

Not only do border guards instruct locals with cultivation methodologies, but they also work with local government and enterprises to find them frequent buyers.

Apart from socio-economic development, other aspects like education and culture are also among border guards’ priorities to improve locals’ living standard.

Thanks to the border guards’ assistance, life of residents in Phieng Pan commune, Mai Son district, Son La province, has been greatly improved./.