With a gorgeous coastline, Da Nang sea tourism has bloomed in recent years, thanks to proper investment, favourable entry policies and quality services. This is not without the help from local border guards, who help with smooth entry process and act as local tourism ambassadors.

Early in the morning, border officers of Border gate of Danang Port have begun their duties on the Dream cruise ship. The premium cruise ship just docked at Tien Sa port, bringing more than 2,800 people. To provide a swift and accurate entry process in a short amount of time, the border officers have been putting their best efforts while being as friendly and helpful as possible.

The immigration procedure for each cruise ship member is only 30 seconds. This is considered the fastest administrative procedure for entry process. To be able to fulfill this task in such a short time, the border officers have been striving to professionalise.

In 2018, Tien Sa port has welcomed 105 international cruise ships as well as dozens of navao ships from many countries. With professionalism and courtesy, Da Nang border guards have not only successfully completed their assigned tasks but also acted as local tourism ambassadors.-VNA