Riode Janeiro’s Bachiana Brasileira Symphony Orchestra will perform a programme entitled “One Hundred Years of Brazilian Concerto” at the National Academy of Music in Hanoi on Oct. 6.

The 26-member orchestra, under conductor Ricardo Rocha, will perform the works of six classical and modern composers, including one of Brazil ’s most well-known composers, Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959).

Villa-Lobos’s work mixed Indian and Brazilian folklore elements with the European tradition and includes his Bachinas Brasileiras, his tribute to JS Bach written during 1930-45.

In Hanoi, the orchestra will perform choruses No 4 and No 9 from that work. Chorus No 4 was conceived for the rather strange instrumentation of three French horns and a trombone, while Chorus No 9 features a full string section.

“His music is very popular with Brazilians,” said Brazilian Ambassador to Vietnam Joao Mendonca Lima Neto.”

The Bachiana Brasileira Symphony Orchestra is highly regarded in Brazil thanks to their high quality performances and willingness to perform works that in stretch across the entire colonial period of Brazil, European Baroque and contemporary music.

As the orchestra’s musical director, Rocha has played an important role in the music scene of Rio de Janeiro.

Over the past decade, he has conducted orchestras in Germany, including the Thuringian Orchestra, the Baden-Baden Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bamboo Symphony, which toured Germany in 2000 and recorded for Bavarian Radio.

The concert will begin at 8pm on Oct. 6 at 77 Hao Nam Street, Hanoi. Earlier in the day, the musicians will meet National Academy of Music students.

Tickets can be reserved at the Brazilian Embassy by calling 0438432544./.