BridgeFest: H’Hen Nie helps young people narrow gaps hinh anh 1H'Hen Nie at Miss Universe 2018 finale (Photo: Organising Board)

Hanoi (VNA) -
The fourth BridgeFest 2019 within the framework of the Event It Up campaign to end inequality by Oxfam held in Hanoi drew 10,000 people.

BridgeFest 2019’s organizing board invited Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 H’Hen Nie and former FPT CEO Nguyen Thanh Nam to participate and share their inspiring stories with participants to the event.

Inspiring speakers

H’Hen Nie, Top 5 Miss Universe 2018, brought a new definition of Vietnam’s beauty: different, strong, self-confident, and determined to overcome difficulties and inspiring the community.

In any title, Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 or Top 5 Miss Universe 2018, H’Hen Nie is still as natural as Dak Lak’s coffee, which she said, attached closely to her poor but happy childhood.

BridgeFest: H’Hen Nie helps young people narrow gaps hinh anh 2H'Hen Nie returns home from Miss Universe 2018 beauty contest

In an interview given to VietnamPlus after crowning Miss Universe Vietnam 2017, when talking about the value of her “difference,” H’Hen Nie honestly said “I was very surprised and didn’t know why I was qualified to earn such a high-ranking position in the beauty pageant. It has become a chance and motivation for me.”

“Many people may find it hard to accept me as Miss Universe Vietnam. I do, too because it’s new to me. But I think we need to experience and understand more about me.”

She was right at that time. “All people need time” to realise the potential beauty of others thanks to their openness and good will. The value is where the heart is open. Afterwards, time answered. H’Hen was ranked in top 5 Miss Universe 2018 and her inspiring story have been spread worldwide.

Nguyen Thanh Nam is one of the pioneer to lay a foundation for the development of Vietnam’s software sector by co-founding FPT group and FPT Software.

With his viewpoint that “Education must turn cowboys into technological engineers,” Nam has developed the online university FUNix to train software engineers via e-learning, bringing  opportunities for thousands of people at different ages at home and abroad.

Such individuals who dare to create differences and have been successful as H’Hen Nie and Nguyen Thanh Nam will be endless inspiration for the community and factors who contribute to changing the future of Vietnam.

BridgeFest: H’Hen Nie helps young people narrow gaps hinh anh 3

Connecting by music

Following the message “Narrowing the gaps” of BridgeFest in four consecutive years, calling for the public to join hands to remove barriers and gaps in society, such as gender, income, geography, religion.., this year’s event aims at inspiring young people who are joining community activities, contributing to an equal society, especially in education and health.

Accordingly, the organizing board conveyed the message through various activities: talks, exhibitions, workshops teaching sign language, community activities organised by over 40 social organisations, and a music night performed by famous artists at home and abroad.

Considered as a “specialty” of BridgeFest over the years, the music night is always warmly welcomed by visitors. This year’s music night was a colourful and attractive performance by artist from different music genre, such as pop, ballad, indie, rock…

Specially, each artist attending BridgeFest shares a common characteristic, that is never yielding to difficulties and challenges. They are creative and  always refresh themselves to bring quality products to the public.

These are popular names to the public, including Issac, Dalab, rapper Kimmese, Lon Xon music band, Indie Vu and Skylines Beyond Our Reach music band…

“Today’s young generations are connected widely and gain better knowledge compared to the previous one. Oxfam believes that they are decisive factor to the development of an equal and sustainable society at present and in the future. BridgeFest would like to connect young people and all other people to discuss, experience and respect for the society’s diversification. Music is always great and much  greater when it connects all of us to share a common interest and act for equality in the society,” Bebeth Ngoc Han Lefur, Oxfam Country Director to Vietnam said./.

BridgeFest: H’Hen Nie helps young people narrow gaps hinh anh 4Dalab music band (Photo: Organising board)