The Tet holiday is an occasion for young Mong ethnic women to sew themselves colourful costumes and display their national identities.

The northern mountainous province of Dien Bien is home to 19 ethnic groups, the majority of which belong to the Thai and Mong groups.

Mong people live in upland villages with costumes weaved by the clever hands of Mong women. They all feature Mong characteristics, from design to decoration.

Giang Thi Cong from Sa Long commune, Muong Cha district, said she makes these dresses every Tet. It takes two months to finish just one dress.

“This year, I made two,” she said.

With just four colours: green, red, white and yellow, these women make the colourful dresses, a fine tradition passed down over generations. Each detail of the clothing is dyed with love for the motherland.

“We weave during our free time when we don’t have to go to the rice-fields. It takes a lot of time to make this dress. I can make only three of them each year,” said Hu Thi Ly in Sa Long commune, Muong Cha district.

For upland ethnic groups, brocade making is essential to their spiritual life and is a traditional component of Mong culture.-VNA