Ten German films based on the famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales will be screened on the Voice of Vietnam television channel (VOV TV) from Sunday evening onwards.

The new and modern edition of the films, dubbed in Vietnamese, were produced by the Consortium of Public Broadcasters in Germany (ARD).

The screenings are the result of the co-operation project between Goethe-Institut in Hanoi and Voice of Vietnam (VOV), aiming to entertain Vietnamese children and their families.

The films will depict several classic fairy tales including include Cinderella, the Valiant Little Tailor, Mother Hulda, Rapunzel, The Town Musicians of Bremen, The Wishing-Table, Snow White, The Frog-Prince, Puss in Boots and Sleeping Beauty.

"We want this time to bring those fairy tales to Vietnamese families. We think that fairy tales are popular among all age groups, enchanting the young and the old alike," said Michael Flucht, deputy director of the Goethe-Institute.

"I've seen that fairy tales make large contributions to family relations the world over. They also encourage creativity and imagination in children and promote understanding between nations," he added.

The project has also produced a bilingual book in Vietnamese and German, gathering the ten most famous Brothers Grimm fairy tales. The book includes unique illustrations done by eleven artists from Vietnam and Germany exclusively for this project.

An exhibition displaying the illustrations is to be held at the Goethe Institut in July.

Flucht said he hoped that this book would be widely welcomed in Vietnam. Printed fairy-tale books are still very popular in Germany despite the widespread use of electronic books.

The films will be shown with Vietnamese voiceover for weeks starting May 31 at 3.30pm. After each film, the audience can win a fairy-tale book by answering a quiz on the film. Those interested can visit the project's Facebook page, "Phim Truyen Co Grimm tren VOVTV," to find and answer the questions.-VNA