A 13th-15th century piece of Buddhist architecture has just been unearthed in a garden in the north-western province of Yen Bai.

Atop two hills in the province's Van Chan district, archaeologists have found various remnants of stone, brick, tile and ceramic decoration in the form of lotus flowers. These floral motifs appear similar to ones used in Buddhist buildings of Tran dynasty (1225-1400).

On the Pu Chia Chua Hill, bricks and tiles have been uncovered just below a 35-40cm layer of soil. Experts suggested that the area served as a workshop for producing materials for a nearby Buddhist structure.

The excavation team has asked permission from local authorities to enlarge the area of investigation, hoping to find a Buddhist architectural complex from the Tran era.

If they are right, the building would be the only remnant of Tran Buddhist architecture ever found in the west of the province./.