Most Venerable Danh Nhuong, Deputy Patriarch of the Sangha Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha has received the “Doctor of Buddhism” title from Myanmar .

The Myanmar Government, the Foreign Ministry, the Religious Affairs Ministry and the Sangha Council presented Nhuong with the title in recognition of his contributions to education and promotion of Vietnamese Buddhism and world Buddhism, as well as boosting friendship between Vietnam and Myanmar .

Most Venerable Danh Nhuong, 83, contributed to uniting nine Buddhism sects into the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. He is also the Director of the Khmer Theravada Buddhism Academy , member of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee and Deputy of the 11 th and 12 th National Assembly.

On Mar. 22, the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and the Khmer Theravada Buddhism Academy held a ceremony to congratulate Most Venerable Danh Nhuong.

Addressing the ceremony, Most Venerable Thich Giac Toan, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha affirmed that the Myanmar title was not only the pride of Most Venerable Danh Nhuong, but also the pride of Khmer Theravada Buddhism and Vietnam Buddhism.

The title also helped raise the position of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha as well as the spirit of solidarity and harmonisation of Vietnam Buddhism, which was recognised by the Buddhist community./.