On April 30th 1975, Artist Kim Cuc was among two broadcasters of Radio the Voice of Vietnam who read a special bulletin on the country’s great triumph that ended the war in Vietnam. 42 years have gone by, yet the broadcaster still remembers the historical day vividly.



My fellow friends please pay close attention to the latest news on our triumph. Our soldiers headed to Sai Gon at 11:30 and took over the Independence Palace. The leader of the Saigon puppet government – Duong Van Minh - unconditionally surrendered. Our flag is proudly waving on top of the Independence Palace. The Ho Chi Minh campaign has finally succeeded.

The words rang proudly out at 11:45 on Radio the Voice of Vietnam’s bulletin on April 30, 1975, touching the hearts of Vietnamese people on what is now known as Liberation Day. Kim Cuc’s warm and moving voice added even more emotion to millions of Vietnamese people who were full of national pride over the historic victory.

For Kim Cuc herself, every detail about the historic day is deeply imprinted in her heart.

As soon as the bulletin was on air, Hanoi residents flooded into streets with national flags to celebrate the triumph.

Despite a short bulletin, it still made millions of Vietnamese hearts burst with joy.

April 30, 1975 is a momentous event which no Vietnamese can forget. The day marked a historical moment with the war a thing of the past, with the future promising peace and harmony. On that day, Vietnam’s two long separated parts by parallel 17 were reunified. Such a glorious day!-VNA.