For many years, Hanoi has been a famous destination for food-lovers, both locals and foreigners. People visit Hanoi to try many different dishes, with phở (pho noodle soup) being the city’s most popular meal. Apart from phở, Hanoi also has many special dishes such as bánh cuốn nóng (hot stuffed pancake), bún thang (thang rice noodle), bún đậu (rice noodle with tofu)...

In the land of many famous dishes, bún ốc nguội (rice noodle with cold snail) seems like a hidden gem. It’s a local favorite with a simple look but a fresh and robust taste and can only be found in Hanoi.

One of Hanoi’s most famous spot for bún ốc nguội lies in Đặng Dung Street. Usually served with bigger snails, bún ốc nguội is different from its ‘hot’ version. Snails are soaked in boiled water for a few seconds then they’re neatly arranged in a bowl.

A special broth is poured all over the nicely cooked snails. Snails are accompanied by tiny balls of fresh rice noodles. Dip the noodle balls in with the snails, add some fresh herbs and bon appetit!./.