Khanh Hoa (VNA) - A bus assistant in the coastal city of Nha Trang was fired for displaying an improper attitude towards two female Russian tourists after clips recording the incident went viral on Facebook.

Three video clips posted on July 26 by a Taiwanese woman who happened to witness the incident on the bus show a young male bus assistant repeatedly shouting at the Russian tourists, telling them to “get out” of the bus. He was also heard cursing and using a stick in an attempt to hit a foreigner who was trying to intervene in the incident.

On July 27 afternoon, Le Thi My Thao, director of the Nha Trang branch of Viett Nhat Trade and Tourism Co, the bus operator, confirmed to Dan Tri online newspaper that the man on the clip was Dang Mau Thanh Binh, 30, one of its staff. Binh was fired for the incident, Thao said.

She said Binh admitted in his written explanation to the company that he had cursed the group of foreigners on a bus about to set off from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City on July 25.

He said while he was arranging seats for passengers, he realised that the two Russian passengers, who had bought tickets without seat numbers, were sitting in seats booked by others. He said the Russian passengers objected while he was trying to explain the situation and asking them to move.

He said one of the two women even spat right in his face, adding that his ill-behaved reactions stemmed from anger.

Thao suggested the lack of problem solving skills and poor English led to Binh’s improper attitude. Thao said Binh had been working for the company for seven years and was known as a friendly and enthusiastic employee.

However, she admitted that she herself was also vexed at her staff’s behaviour when watching the clip. “Even when passengers were wrong, staff is not allowed to shout or curse them,” Thao said.

The Office of National Committee for Road Safety has asked the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam and Khanh Hoa police to verify the information on the clip. It also asked relevant authorities to hand out strict punishments against violations found.-VNA