The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and the German Embassy in Vietnam on Nov. 7 launched the Mekong Delta Business Forum to engage the business sector in initiatives to respond to climate change in the Mekong delta.

Speaking at the event, Henning Plate, Development Counsellor of the German Embassy said climate change and its global impact are key topics for Germany ’s foreign policy, noting that due to the unique geography, Vietnam is among the countries most heavily affected by the consequences of climate change worldwide.

“By introducing and funding the forum, the German Embassy in Hanoi wants to encourage the private sector to take up a leading role in reducing the risks and costs of climate change,” Hunning Plate said.

The Mekong delta is one of the areas in the world most vulnerable to effects of climate change.

According to Hoang Viet, WWF’s project coordinator in Vietnam , rising sea levels, saltwater intrusion and an altered flow in the Mekong are having negative impacts on the livelihoods of 18 millions people living in the delta.

Thus, WWF calls on businesses to participate in the fight and encourages the private sector’s involvement in building initiatives and methods to enhance climate resilience and sustainability in the Mekong delta.

Within the framework of the forum, there will be a series of educational activities such as a mangrove forest planting and field trips to ecological hot spots and climate change prone areas in the Mekong delta. Businesses are also encouraged to take part in WWF’s current initiatives for adapting to and mitigating climate change such as, Earth Hour, Green Office, Climate Savers, Climate Camp and the Mekong Delta Conservation Forum./.