Business community and public officials have learnt how corruption works and how to combat the scourge in a more efficient manner at a workshop in northern Hai Phong city.

The workshop was co-organised by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the World Bank (WB) on March 23.

A report presented by the World Bank warned that corruption in Vietnam still remains serious.

It found out that 45 percent of the public officials who were surveyed for the report witnessed corrupt acts, and 44 percent of enterprises and 28 percent of citizens had to make unofficial payments. As much as 75 percent of the surveyed people said corruption was a serious matter.
In its report to the workshop, the Government Inspectorate of Vietnam pointed out that light punishments given to corrupt people is one of the reasons behind the prevalence of corruption.

To make the fight against corruption more efficient, the inspectorate suggested stipulating a law on access to information, building a competent public service trusted by those who report on corruption, establishing a corruption monitoring system, and raising people’s awareness on the issue.

World Bank experts presented their own solutions, including increasing transparency and publicity, continuing administrative reform, and eliminating interest contradiction in handling corrupt cases.-VNA