Vietnamese businesses should be ready for Merger & Acquisitions deals coming especially from the Southeast Asian region.

The view was shared by Prof. Marc Diandi, Vice Director of PetroVietnam Securities Incorporated at a conference themed “Strong growth through strategic M&A,” in Hanoi on August 12.

He cited the success of M&A deals worth 90 billion USD in the region, which accounted for 4 percent of the global figure and 20 percent of Asia ’s in 2012 for his forecast that Southeast Asian market is emerging as an attractive destination of M&A activities.

The expert also predicted that direct foreign investment flows would be rising in Singapore , Indonesia , Laos , Cambodia and Vietnam in the time to come.

For Prof. Nigel Denscombe, a global strategic expert and General Manager of Denscombe Corp, M&A is a good choice for the Vietnamese market in the context that the market is still fledgling, mostly filled by medium-sized poor-managed enterprises.

To make M&A deals successful, it is important for businesses to lay down clear-cut strategies, experts have noted.

Growing noticeably in Vietnam in the recent five years, M&A has proved as an important investment channel for Vietnamese businesses which want to go globally.

Statistics show that Vietnamese businesses have so far took part in 40 percent of M&A deals in the country.

Last year, the value of M&A deals in Vietnam surged by 70 percent over 2011.-VNA