Businesses willing to pay more for mobile ads hinh anh 1Businesses willing to pay more for mobile ads.
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Hanoi (VNA) – Although the mobile advertisement market in Vietnam is still modest as compared to regional countries, businesses are said to splash out 200 million USD on advertisement on mobile platform in 2020, much higher than the amount of 78 million USD recorded in 2017.

A report from Appota Corporation (Appota) released on July 11 showed that 25 percent of people who own a smartphone use the internet on the regular basis, and the smartphone ownership reaches about 72 percent of the total population in 2018.

Smartphone plays an important role in the Vietnamese daily life. Many people check their mobiles after waking up, and they spend average two hours per day on their phones.

As 68 percent of the Vietnamese population come online on their smart phones while Vietnamese are willing to give away information in exchange for free items, brands should find ways to attract customers by mobile phone advertising or in-app advertising.

Appota also said that more people start to look for products through their phones and end up purchase on a computer. 72 percent of total visits on e-commerce websites originate from mobile phones, and 53 percent of the e-commerce transactions are made on mobile phones.

As Vietnam is a cash-back society, 88 percent of the e-commerce payments are cash-on-delivery, the report revealed.

However, Vietnam recorded the strongest growth rate in electric payment in the past year, which grew 22 percent to 6.4 billion USD.

Fintech is young in Vietnam, the report said, giving that this has led to the challenge of changing consumers’ habit, and gaining their confidence in online payment services.

Chief Marketing Officer of Appota Dang Thai Son said: “The mobile application market is expanding as well as creating a diverse playing field, and business opportunities for small and big businesses. Mobile eco-system tends to be more rigorous, and provide a solid foundation for the development of Vietnam’s economy.”

Appota is the leading mobile platform provider in Vietnam with three core business services: Game Publishing, Advertisement, and Payment.

The company owns a solid inventory ecosystem with more than 45 million mobile users and 25 million USD in revenue in 2017.

Appota regularly publishes reports on user behaviours, mobile application market overview reports, e-sports reporting, and provides up-to-date, objective information for business and personal related.-VNA