The southernmost province of Ca Mau is undertaking extensive measures to prevent fires in U Minh Ha National Park during the dry season.

The 12,000 hectare park has been put on high-level alert of large-scale forest fires.

The 3,000 hectare primeval forest area on the park’s Hon Khoai Island has been identified as a particular danger area.

Prolonged dry weather and sunshine creates droughts in forests and hinders firefighters from extinguishing any blazes that occur.

The local authorities have requested border guards, in collaboration with fishermen, deploy measures to prevent forest fires and prohibit people from reaching the island.

The provincial authorities have entrusted 300 people, including forest rangers and locals, with the task of tracking potential forest fire areas and detect fire outbreaks swiftly.

The province has also organised campaigns to teach local people how to stop fires spreading.-VNA