Prolonged intense heat and strong winds have led to droughts and fire alerts in forests across U Minh Ha and Hon Khoai island areas, according to the Forest Management Department in the southernmost province of Ca Mau.

There have been 37,915 hectares of U Minh Ha cajuput forest and 533 hectares of forest in Hon Khoai island drying completely, including more than 7,000 hectares with a high risk of fire.

Water is rapidly draining at nearby locations.

In a bid to prevent forest fires, Ca Mau has implemented a number of precautionary programmes, including around-the-clock patrols, fire drills, and logistics planning.

The local U Minh Ha cajuput forest covers 75,000 hectares, including a valuable 8,000-hectare primeval forest within the Vo Doi national forest.-VNA