This year, the southernmost province of Ca Mau plans to provide vocational education for 38,000 locals and offer jobs for other 36,000 who received training in the previous years, said the provincial Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

The plan focuses on improving training programme, trainers’ capability and teaching facilities.

Accordingly, priority will be given to training workers in fishery, agriculture and forestry, the province’s key economic sectors. Besides, the locality will invite competent trainers to teach its vocational programmes and invest in modern training equipment.

The province provides vocational training for over 35,000 people every year; however the outcomes still fell short of expectation as training programmes failed to meet the actual need of employers.

Le Van Quang, Director of a local seafood export company, said that his company needs additional 3,000 employees each year for shrimp peeling work which only requires 30 days of training. The manual skill is, however, yet offered by any vocational training centres so that the company has to do it itself.-VNA