Ca tru or ceremonial singing is a complex form of sung poetry found in the north of Vietnam which has been preserved and revived in many localities nationwide. In the atmosphere of a new spring, let’s visit a village to get an insight into a traditional folk art.

Dai Phu village in Thuong Mo commune, the outskirt district of Dan Phuong, Hanoi is renowned as the cradle of Vietnamese ca tru.

During the first days of spring, visitors from far and wide can hear vibrant sounds echoing from the village’s communal house.

Thuong Mo ca tru club, founded by artisan Nguyen Thi Tam, is an example of preserving the ceremonial singing in its native land.

The club now has 50 members who are at very different ages.

For the past 10 years at each weekend, ca tru melodies echo again and again in the house of Nguyen Thi Tam. Her club members are mostly youngsters.

Despite being at the age of retirement, Nguyen Thi Tam has been working hard to teach younger generations to sing ca tru so that the traditional folklore can live forever.-VNA