An exhibition of calligraphy including excerpts from the late President Ho Chi Minh’s famous collection of poems ‘Prison Diary’ opened in in Hanoi on May 21.

The ten-day exhibition at the Republic of Korea’s (RoK) Cultural Centre is to commemorate the 122 nd birthday of President Ho Chi Minh (May 19) and the 20 th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnamese-RoK diplomatic ties and the 2012 RoK-Vietnam Year of Friendship.

The exhibition features 35 works by 23 calligraphers from Gwangju and South Jeolla provinces in the RoK and three artists from Vietnam .

The organisers say that the exhibition will help consolidate the friendship between both nations.

The exhibition will last until May 31 and then move to Ho Chi Minh City .
In April this year, a similar exhibition was held at the Museum of Suncheon National University in South Jeolla province.

This is the third time that calligraphy works inspired by Ho Chi Minh’s Prison Diary have been on display in the two countries. In 2005 an exhibition was held in seven cities in Vietnam and the RoK and in 2010 more works were shown in nine RoK cities and four Vietnamese cities. The calligraphy works have since been presented to the Ho Chi Minh Museum to put on view to the public.-VNA