The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) has announced that it always keeps its door open to negotiations with the opposition, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), to jointly solve political issues after the country’s July election.

The “New Cambodia” newspaper on December 20 quoted Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs Sar Kheng as saying that the CPP suggested the leader of the CNRP re-attends negotiations instead of holding protests.

The Cambodian Government has attempted to seek measures to reconcile political disputes with the CNRP, he said.

The official, however, added that the opposition refused to accept agreed issues between the two parties and arranged protests to request Prime Minister Hun Sen to step down and hold a re-election.

However, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen stated on the same day that he will not stand down or hold a re-election.

He said under Article 78 of the country’s constitution, the National Assembly shall not be dissolved before the end of its 5 year term except when the Royal Government is twice disposed within period of 12 months.

The PM declared that a sanction will be designed to deal with the opposition party’s protest plans next month, to ensure security and public order.

Sar Kheng also stressed it is unlawful for the CNRP to command prote sters to occupy the Hall of Phnom Penh Municipal Council, the Office of the Council of Ministers and other sites, warning that the opposition must hold protests in accordance with the country’s legal regulations.

The political dispute between PM Hun Sen's ruling party and the opposition party has persisted since July's election results that showed the ruling party won a majority of votes to claim 68 parliamentary seats against the opposition’s 55 seats.-VNA