The ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP) plans to hold a large-scale ceremony on Koh Pich island to mark the 35th anniversary of the victory over the Khmer Rouge regime, which was declared on January 7, 1979.

The event creates a good chance for the Cambodian Government and people to express their deep gratitude to the Vietnamese volunteer army for helping the country overthrow the genocidal regime led by Pol Pot, said CPP member Cheam Yeap.

Cambodia will never forget the valuable assistance given by the Vietnamese Party, State, army and people in putting an end to the brutal regime as well as in reviving, building and defending the country, he added.

In power from 1975-1979, the regime killed nearly three million Cambodian civilians in only 3 years, 8 months and 20 days, destroyed all social facilities and pushed the Cambodian nation to the brink of perdition.

It also distorted the history of Vietnam and mobilised most of its military strength to launch an invasion at Vietnam’s southwest border.

Besides ravaging villages, brutally killing local people, including the elderly, children and women, the regime seriously violated the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Vietnam.

Together with the armed forces and people of Cambodia as well as the support of international friends, the Vietnamese army overthrew the regime on January 7, 1979.

Following the victory, thousands of Vietnamese experts and voluntary soldiers continued to stand side by side with the Cambodian people in the country’s revival and reconstruction.-VNA