Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has called on domestic and foreign experts to continue their support for the protection and preservation of the world heritage site of Angkor Wat Temple.

The PM made the call at the third Inter-Governmental Conference on Angkor held in Siem Riep on December 5, which aimed to review the restoration and development of the temple since it was recognised by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 1992.

He suggested participants have in-depth discussions on ensuring harmony between cultural heritage management and poverty reduction for local residents in order to create a foundation for the site’s sustainable development.

Reports delivered at the conference show that about 60 projects to restore the temple have been completed or are being implemented with support from 16 countries and 28 international organisations.

The Angkor Wat Temple , located about 315 km northwest of the capital Phnom Penh , was built between the 9th and 12th century and inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1992. It was removed from the "in danger" status of the UNESCO's World Heritage List in 2004 thanks to efforts made by the Cambodian Government and foreign organisations.

The kingdom's largest cultural site attracts up to 2.5 million foreign visitors each year.

The first inter-governmental conference of its kind was held in France in 1993 and the second took place in Japan in 2003.-VNA