Cambodian press on May 23 reported that Prime Minister Hun Sen said the country may provide temporary shelter to thousands of migrant Rohingya who are being stranded at sea on the condition that the UN will resettle the migrants in another country, citing a statement of the Council of Ministers spokesman Phay Siphan.

According to spokesman Phay Siphan, PM Hun Sen said at a Council of Ministers meeting on May 22 that ASEAN countries have the obligation to deal with this issue.

Meanwhile, Myanmar has pledged to cooperate with Bangladesh and other countries to address the issue of "boat people" at sea, according to Xinhua news agency which cited a statement of Myanmar's Foreign Ministry published on May 24.

Recently, thousands of people from Bangladesh and Rohingya people in Myanmar have tried to cross the sea, hoping that they can settle in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

An urgent meeting to address the issue will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 29. At least 18 countries, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar, and 3 international organisations have said they will attend the meeting.-VNA