The National Election Committee (NEC) of Cambodia has rejected complaints filed by the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) against the July 28 election, which saw the victory of the ruling Cambodian People’s Party of Prime Minister Hun Sen.

The opposition CNRP of Sam Rainsy on August 14 filed 17 complaints to the NEC against the initial poll results, claiming that there were irregularities in voter lists and ballot-rigging.

China ’s Xinhua News Agency quoted Tep Nytha, NEC's secretary general as saying the committee has rejected 13 complaints because the complainants had no concrete evidence to support their complaints. Tep Nytha also said the committee have held brief hearings for four complaints in order to verify votes in four provinces, but there was no change to the election results.

The opposition party has the right to appeal to the Constitutional Council within 72 hours against the NEC's decision, he said.

Tep Nytha said with the opposition's appeal, the final election results will be announced by September 8.

Kuy Bunroeun, deputy chief of the CNRP's administration department, said on August 17 that an appeal will be filed to the Constitutional Council against the NEC's decision.

On August 12, NEC released initial poll results, showing that the CPP won a majority of votes.

The CPP calculated that with its 3.23 million votes, the party would have 68 seats of the 123 parliamentary seats, while the CNRP, with its 2.94 million votes, got the remaining 55 seats.-VNA