Chairman of the Cambodian National Assembly Heng Samrin has affirmed that without the great sacrifice by Vietnamese soldiers, his nation would not have an opportunity to triumph over the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime.

The top Cambodian legislator made the statement while delivering a speech at a ceremony held in Hanoi on January 5 to mark the 35th anniversary of Vietnam’s victory in the southwest border defence war and the joint victory of Vietnam and Cambodia over the Khmer Rouge genocidal regime.

NA Chairman Heng Samrin expressed his pleasure to attend the meeting to recall the days when Vietnamese volunteer soldiers exercised their lofty mission in helping Cambodian people escape from the most brutal genocidal regime and gain victory on January 7, 1979.

He also said that Cambodian people celebrate the victory every year to reminisce about bitter memories with an eternal gratitude for the people who have saved the country and its people from the genocidal disaster.

Cambodian people will keep in mind the great merit and remember in its history to remind younger generations of the assistance, he said, adding that without the help by the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Cambodian people would not have their name in the world.

Monument dedicated to Vietnamese voluntary soldiers in Cambodia. (Source: VNA)

The Cambodian legislative leader went on to say that since the victory in 1979, Cambodia has seen various changes in many fields.

Vietnam and Cambodia have always made great efforts to develop the fine bilateral relations and comprehensive cooperation, and supported each other at international forums, he said.

Under the leadership of the current governments, Cambodia and Vietnam have signed an agreement on land borderline and boosted economic development on the basis of respecting sovereignty and territorial integrity, said the Cambodian official.

Cambodia always considers the special friendship and solidarity between the two countries under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Cambodia People’s Party as an invaluable asset, which requires it to do its utmost to preserve, he noted.

Nearly three million Cambodian civilians were killed during the brutal rule of the  Khmer Rouge genocidal regime from 1975-1979. -VNA