Cambodia earned 4.7 billion USD in revenues from garment and footwear in the first nine months of this year, with 3.9 billion USD coming from exports, up 11 percent year on year.

A report issued by the Ministry of Trade on October 9 said these two industries have 1,257 factories, including 149 newly established ones during the period, a year on year increase of 21 percent. These factories employed 761,000 workers, up by 17.38 percent.

Meanwhile, the agency in charge of rice export said the same day that the country shipped 269,370 tonnes of rice to 57 countries and territories worldwide in nine months, up 1.2 percent.

The country’s biggest buyer is France with over 49,000 tonnes, followed by Poland with 45,000 tonnes and Malaysia with 25,000 tonnes.

Last year, Cambodia exported 379,000 tonnes of milled rice, up 84 percent from 2012.-VNA