Telecoms Cambodia (TC) and Vietnam Telecoms International (VTI) held a ceremony for the inauguration of the joint Cambodian-Vietnamese Super Highway Telecoms Network on April 20.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Cambodian Minister of Post and Telecommunications, So Khun, said that the link will meet urgent demands in Cambodia and enable it to build up its national economy.

It will link Cambodia with the rest of the world through the VTI’s sub-sea and overland cable networks and help develop Cambodia ’s telecoms sector with new Internet and telecom services. It will also enhance the relationship between Cambodia and Vietnam , said Minister So Khun.

Chairman of the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) Pham Long Tran said that the cooperation shown between VTI and TC in creating the link confirms the close bilateral relations that both countries have and VTI’s commitment to provide international telecoms services to TC and the Cambodian market.

With a capacity of 10 Gb per second, the 260-kilometre super highway connects Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City and extends to Asia, Europe and North America via international sub-sea networks and overland to China and Laos.

Both VTI and TC are committed to providing international telecoms service packages for Cambodian customers with good quality, high-speed connections at a reasonable price./.